Charging for support is something we really hate as a business. If you have an issue and need help, why should you need to pay when you are already paying for our services? Therefore, we’ve been having a free-support policy since 2006.

So if you have any questions or issues, you can contact our award-winning customer support team using any of the following methods:

  • Help Desk System – available 24/7
    You have your own area where all of your previously raised tickets are shown. This is the best way of reporting an issue as everything is logged and the time is ticking from the moment you raise it. If tickets are not answered in a reasonable time, then the Management are alerted. We strongly recommend that users should raise a support ticket even if they also call up the help desk so everything is logged.
  • Live Chat – available during our usual working hours (Monday – Friday 9-5 UK)
    Live chat is ideal if you need a quick question answered and cannot make a phone call
  • Telephone Support – available during our usual working hours (Monday – Friday 9-5 UK)
    Sometimes it’s just easier and faster to talk to someone. We don’t have any premium line or charge extra for this, so if you need to contact us, just call our support number at the top of the website. We are here to help.