Mobile App development

Need help finding an agency that provides mobile app development? We can help! With over 14 years’ experience and developing several leading apps we believe that we stand out from the rest. We have been recognized over the years for several awards and our case studies and testimonials speak for volumes for our dedication and services we offer. With clients ranging from Top sporting celebrities, premium brands to entrepreneurs with ideas and no understanding of development.


  • Building applications
    for over 14 years
  • A multi award
    winning agency
  • Free quotes proposals
    are scoped
  • Project Managers available
    in person or digitally
  • Offices in Sutton Coldfield,
    Romania and Ukraine
  • Experts in custom development
    and mobile applications
  • Experience in selling and developing
    our own applications

Create ebay listings via your mobile

Whilst walking around your
house or warehouse..

Take a photo, add a title, price,
description and list

The app that makes listing on ebay easy.
built by just applications

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Mobile app Development Birmingham

Our teams comprise of experience app developers and designers. We have been part of several ‘white label’ agencies and have even been deployed direct to companies to finish off applications to bridge the skill gap required to finished the app. Unfortunately there is a vast amount of work we can not disclose in writing due to signing NDAs.

Effective design of mobile apps:

Unlike other development agencies we also have a design team whose responsibility is to make the GUI (Graphical User Interface) simple to use as well as applying their experience with the branding and colour schemes to reflect your business. It is very important that this is achieved if your app is to bring in sales. So both Designers and Developers work closely to ensure the creative requirements are deployed and we will involve you throughout this process.

Mobile app Proposal:

After we provide you with an estimate for the cost to develop your mobile app we then engage with you to produce a proposal. Whereby we carry out data analysis and product research of any existing apps as well as creating the story board screens for the mobile app and establishing how long it will take to develop and cost.

Experienced Development Team:

Our app developers are highly experienced. As a development company we own and sell four of our own software applications. Such developers are cycled around our applications and put forward to take on bespoke projects. This keeps them interested, motivated and at the cutting-edge of their skills.


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